Laurel Build Update

Been working on the ITB setup on the VH motor. Started with some 2″ x 1/2″ Aluminum bar. Cut it to size and used the factory gaskets as a pattern for the holes.                      Mock up of the manifold. You can also see the changes made […]

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Daily Driver

UPDATE 8/12/13 Head gasket was replaced, cylinders and head are in great shape. Wheels are here, just waiting for the spacers and longer wheel bolts for the front. Windows are tinted. Material for the front turn signal mod has been purchased. 8/01/13  I have had the desire to build a low budget daily driver with […]

E46 M3 2JZ Swap update 3/1/13

Making some headway on the Swap. Turns out the E46 chassis is about 1″ shorter between the rear of the suspension crossmember and the firewall than the E36. You wouldn’t think 1″ would be an issue but considering the 2JZ installed in the E36 had at most 1.5″ of clearance in every direction having an […]

E46 M3 2JZ Swap update-1/26/13

Time to test fit a few things and address the transmission. From the start we were going to run an Aisin R154 transmission in this project. This transmission is a common transmission used in 2jz swaps, it originally come in MarkIII turbo Supras. These trannys are hard to find, expensive, usually beat down, and at a cost […]

E46 M3 2JZ Swap

Time to start another project. The base of this project is a 2001 BMW E46 M3, a fantastic car in it’s own right but with the addition of the best inline 6 cylinder ever produced it will have the get up and go that BMW should have offered. Updates will come A washes. This. Day […]

FJ80 Atlas 4.2 6 cylinder swap

Just getting started on my next project. I have done one of these swaps using the 5 cylinder version of the Atlas family of motors, it is a fantastic combination. Atlas motors are light weight and pack an extremely flat torque curve thanks to the variable cam system. This swap is a little different, I am starting with a […]

Another great build.


Beginning of a Classic JDM Build

Some of you may be familiar with my Laurel, for those of you who are not here is a crash course. At the time the shop I owned Idaho Speed Center was importing containers of JDM parts. I went to Japan to help our contact cut apart a few cars and fill a container. While there I saw […]

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