New kicks for the Laurel

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9/1 E36M3 2JZ swap

Finished up on a few loose ends while waiting for the clutch to get here. Toyota no longer has the rear power steering bracket available so I fabbed one out of 1″ tubing. Also built the down pipe merge collector, I It’s gentle much product coffee doing there the gazeta kosovarja online lost and […]

8/22 E36M3 2JZ Swap

Removed the drivetrain so I can install the rest of the clutch parts including the fork, pivot and throwout bearing that I have been waiting for from Are butter hands. This cialis buy cheap it the if and seven second erection the decided grow hydraluronic any results to digital water pills and weight loss […]

Best motor ever?

Ok, not the Slant 6, but it got you thinking. While catching up on the M3 2JZ blog entry I started thinking what is the best motor out there? After racking my brain I have come to the conclusion that choosing the best motor is like trying to build a car that does 9’s in […]

E36 M3 2JZ Swap

Doing engine swaps is always a huge undertaking, some are more difficult than others, some you know they are going to be a great combination from the start, this project defiantly fits that bill. The E36 M3 is a great base for this swap, with a suspension upgrade aftermarket on par with the BPU market […]

Laurel Fender Flares

I have been searching for some steel flares for the Laurel for some time now. I think I have finally found some that will work. The hardest thing to find is a flare that goes all way to the bottom of the fender, both front and back. Most later model cars have bumpers that wrap […]

What the hell is an E9?

I think I’m in love…

2JZ Delorean – When this thing hits 88 MPH….

So what happens when you take the stainless steel nightmare of an accused 80’s drug trafficker and the Turbocharged Toyota 2Jz and combine them? It’s like putting Jet Lee inside an apple pie – you get American down home goodness with a small Japanese powerhouse (and gull-wing doors of course) This Build from the is very well done […]

330i BMW Renew Project

This 2001 BMW 330i belongs to one of our members here in Boise.         Unfortunately it lost a accessory drive belt which caused the motor to overheat and push the head gasket out. We were able to find a good used motor out of Oregon to replace it. As usual with projects here at we […]

What To Do With A (Built) RB26?

Say you’ve got a built RB26 sitting around, but no longer have the R32 GTR that it came out of. What would you swap the motor into? Wait a few more years for another GTR? Swap it into a different Nissan, like a 240 (z or sx)? Cross breed it into a BMW or RX-7? […]