New Never Lift Garage build

Ok, new to you.

My dad has been working on this truck for a few months now.

Here is the recipe:

1953 Chevy pickup sheet metal and frame

1995 LT1 Trans-Am

1983 XJ6 Jaguar

Preparation directions:

Cut up and mix thoroughly, add about 20lbs of welding wire, air bags all around and a few hundred hours labor, drive and enjoy!


Here is how it looked when he found it… what’s not to like?











Although the stock dash was in reasonable shape the gauges seem to be a larger hurdle than one would expect. Most of the issue is that reasonably priced gauges that will fit in the original holes are pretty much non existent. Throw in a speedo cable  issue (4l60 does not have previsions for a cable) and the problem is made worse.







The solution?  A 59 Impala dash. I know doesn’t sound easy but man does it look good. Of course the “speedo cable issue”  is still not resolved.





















Here you can see the Jag front suspension being test fitted, also the smooth recessed firewall which allows the LT1 to sit back a little further and help the overall handling and ride.












The Jag IRS looks great under the box. The floor of the box has been raised 3″ to clear the kick in the rear frame rails.












The LT1 looks lost in there.











Dumped just like it should be.









Now back to sanding and body work…

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