10/3 E36M3 2JZ update

Coming along. Almost ready to put some fire into it.

3″ exhaust is built and installed. Emphasis was on flow and ground clearance.











BMW’s don’t have a  filler on the radiator, they use an expansion tank mounted in the fender well that has the cap on it.  I fabbed this inline rad filler and welded it to the 2JZ inlet housing.










Power steering reservoir mount.











Fluids, fuel lines, and a bit more wiring and I can test all the systems before start up.














3 Responses to “10/3 E36M3 2JZ update”

  1. Ryan says:

    Looks great, let me know when you fire it up!

  2. MauRo says:

    Which gear box are u using..and did the samp not interfere with the steering wreck .

  3. Rory says:

    Used a 5 speed from a MKIII Turbo Supra, 1JZ bellhousing. No problem with the rack, you need to use a Supra oil pan though, Aritso wont work.

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