So, while looking for something else online I ended up on Google Earth wandering around checking out race tracks in Idaho. I came across the street view of a track that happened to be right next to a classic car wrecking yard. So, of course I needed to go check it out.

My dad is currently building a 1947-54 Chevy ‘AD’ pickup which refers to Advanced Design not Jesus… who knew? Anyway, that was some of my motivation to go see what they had. I assumed it would be all domestic iron but what I found was both exciting and sad all at the same time.



Except for a fender…. and oh the car on its roof this

is a nice clean Datsun










                          Clean 4 door Corolla… bonus it’s on top.



                                          Cressida Sandwich


Couldn’t climb up a see what this is? Mitsu?


Pile ‘O’ S30’s


Honda wagon

Why couldn’t they have put the Lude on top?

Couldn’t get the hood open huh?


                           Again couldn’t get the hood open?


Mitsu colt?  Grill is still good.

Maxima hiding in the bush.

The worst of all, a Crown wearing a Crown.

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