8/22 E36M3 2JZ Swap

Removed the drivetrain so I can install the rest of the clutch parts including the fork, pivot and throwout bearing that I have been waiting for from

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Toyota. I am a bit surprised at how much all the bits and parts cost to hook a 7M R-154 to the 2JZ, I would think it may be cheaper to buy a 1JZ R-154 if it came with all the clutch parts.

While I had the motor out I needed to tie up a few things that would be a pain to get to with the motor in.

As you can see the Aristo oil drain fitting from the turbos does not line up with the Supra oil pan. I could have bought all the pipes, fitting and hoses from Toyota but with a little fab work I was able to make the JDM parts work.











The rear turbo drain pipe just needed a little tweak away from the block, the front pipe required a 4″ extension in the tube that is bolted to the turbo. I made the extension tube as long as possible to eliminate the need for a long piece of silicon hose, which would be more prone to failure in the extreme heat under the turbos.
























E36 M3 2Jz motor and transmission mounts.

The car already had plates welded in on top of the stock x-member ( done while the S50 was still in place). The x-member had cracked which is a common problem with these cars.
















The motor mounts use rubber isolators from a Mopar and the transmission mount uses a rubber isolator from the MKIII Turbo.





















Next is installing everything back in as soon as I get the correct clutch and misc. parts from Toyota. Still looking for a MKIII Turbo driveshaft and short shifter.


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