Best motor ever?

Ok, not the Slant 6, but it got you thinking.

While catching up on the M3 2JZ blog entry I started thinking what is the best motor out there?

After racking my brain I have come to the conclusion that choosing the best motor is like trying to build a car that does 9’s in the 1/4, will run with a ALMS GTR, has a full interior and A/C all while getting me back and forth to work at 35mpg. Some companies out there are getting close but budget is not a concern. No one engine can conquer all things. So here is a list of some of my favorite engines and why.

2JZGTE – people that know me will say its no surprise to see this one at the top of my list. It is the brick shit house of motors, males me wonder what the guys at Toyota were thinking when they were designing it. Can’t you hear it, ” future customers will be able to put 100,000 miles on this motor and then throw some bits and pieces on it and make 600 rwhp for another 100,000 miles”. Best I can tell the current highest HP on a stock block is in excess of 1000. NICE.

RB26/30– As difficult to work on and expensive as these motors are I still think they make the best sound EVER.

Ok, early carb’d V-12 Ferrari’s and Maserati’s sound good but the lack of power is a huge turnoff.

5.9 Cummins– I know weird huh? But what a great motor, I remember towing a race car to Portland from Boise and getting 17mpg, then said race car breaking down and the Cummins powered Dodge tow

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vehicle running 13’s all day. Then towing the broke ass race car home.


Let us know what you think.



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