E36 M3 2JZ Swap

Doing engine swaps is always a huge undertaking, some are more difficult than others, some you know they are going to be a great combination from the start, this project defiantly fits that bill. The E36 M3 is a great base for this swap, with a suspension upgrade aftermarket on par with the BPU market for the 2JZ. I have done a few 2JZ swaps including a 1995 Toyota 4×4 pickup… yes the 4wd worked. This current swap is marrying what I consider the best motor ever built in a formidable chassis. Originally I built this car with the guys from my previous shop and it sported a built/turbo’d S50 BMW motor which met it’s demise far to soon after the build. I know there are quite a few BMW S50/S52 diehards out there including a certain owner of this blog (not me) but I have never been able to get on the band wagon. Now before you start slinging monkey crap in my direction you need to know I have owned a E30 M3(underpowered) and a grey market 635csi with a turbo 745 6 cylinder which we called a locomotive…the torque was ridiculous. They were both great cars, the E30 is still to this day one of the best balanced factory cars ever built. BMW also remains one of the only manufacturers out there that builds cars you can get in for the first time and drive the crap out of and rely on the fact it won’t do anything it’s not supposed to. That being said, those of us that have had

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the pleasure of building and driving anything with 600+ RWHP understand that the 2JZ is the king of the hill when it comes to bolting on bits and making a ton of power.

So, here are a few pics of how the project is coming along.

Here is the modified intake to the factory twins. Due to the close proxcimity of the shock tower I needed a bend with a tight radius and a 3″ I.D. It’s nice to have a stockpile of bends and tubing. This adapter started it’s life out as a Apexi intake for a RB26.



Intake and charge piping on the passenger side, I was able to use the lower section of piping from the S50 turbo kit.











Old pic with the S50 still installed. All custom piping and Intake manifold.










I am reusing the SDS EFI system that ran the S50, here I installed the crank sensor magnets in the Toyota balancer.












Next time… completing the piping and pulling the motor/trans to install the clutch parts.

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  1. MauRo says:

    Im about to buy a 2jz and replace my s50 stock motor,fora bit more power.i need a bit of a help to get it started,any advice..tanx best regards

  2. Rory says:

    What info are you looking for?
    Probably best to email me.


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