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Titan motorsports goes to ADRL Extreme 10.5″ tire

I love to see turbo’d 6 cylinder messing with the mountain motored (up to 800ci or 13 liters for us metric boys) supercharged and NOS fed ‘merican muscle.

Here are the ADRL class rules


DRIVELINE: A full 360 degree drive shaft tube is required over yoke, extended a minimum of 9” from transmission tail shaft. Minimum thickness of tube housing is .050 cm. Two piece units accepted with a minimum of 6 3/8” grade 8 bolts.

ENGINE SETBACK: Maximum of 10% of total vehicle wheel base as measured from centerline of front spindle to center of front spark plug hole.

EXHAUST: Automotive type system designed specifically for racing with functional mufflers required. Cone inserts are not allowed. Exhaust gasses must be directed out of the body towards the rear of vehicle and away from the driver and fuel system.

HARMONIC BALANCER: SFI 18.1 certification required.

FLYWHEEL SHIELD: SFI 6.3 certification required.

FUEL: Alcohol, gasoline and methanol allowed. The use of nitromethane is strictly prohibited.

INTAKE MANIFOLD: An ADRL accepted burst panel is required on all vehicles.


REAR END: Automotive type required.

STARTER: Required. All vehicles must be self starting.

SUPERCHARGER AND OVERDRIVE: Use of any size centrifugal, roots-type or screw-type supercharger allowed. Maximum overdrive for a roots-type supercharger is 1.70 (70 percent over). Maximum overdrive for a PSI screw-type supercharger is 2.28 (128 percent over). Maximum overdrive for a Whipple screw-type supercharger is 1.60 (60 percent over). All screw-type superchargers must be certified to SFI Spec 34.1 and overdrive limit established to be eligible for ADRL competition. Any new screw-type supercharger must be accepted for competition prior to competing at an ADRL event. All screw-type superchargers must display a current SFI Recertification tag.

TRANSMISSION: Any type allowed.



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