Backyard Hot Rod Shop

Hot Rod Garage
When you think you don’t have enough space or money to build a rad car, I will refer you to Kiwi Kev’s backyard shop. Sure, he’s got a two car garage and a carport and the weather is always perfect in southern California, but this is pretty rad; and I don’t even like hot rods (usually).

Hot Rod Shop

I’ve had a recent obsession with rat rods and that classic built-on-the-front-lawn-but-is-still-faster-than-you sort of look.  I’ve done tried it myself with the e30 (though not actually on the front lawn) but failed miserably.  It’ll go faster than your car but instead of having character like those rods, it’s just ugly.  Kiwi Kev’s garage and the cars he’s built have exactly that character I’ve been thinking about.  By having to use a space that was too small and not having the cash to buy the tools he needs, he’s developed a pretty cool looking shop that would be hard to duplicate even with a load of cash.

Hot Rod Tools

There are quite a few more pics of his backyard and shop throughout the years on (and I hope he doesn’t mind me including a few here), but my favorite one is what I sometimes refer to as the “annex” or the “office”:

The perfect shitter

I’d have a slightly different selection, but you get the idea.

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